Fat burning circuit | Strength and Fat Burning Circuit Training

by Nick
(Nottingham, UK)

Add once or twice a week to your normal weight training split to boost fat loss.

This is a high intensity circuit and should take 10 or 20 minutes to complete - if you're not shattered after 20 minutes you're not working hard enough!

Rest should be no more than 30 seconds between exercises or however long it takes to set up the next exercise. Reps should be in the 12 to 15 range with the exception of pull ups, push ups and abdominal exercises which should be to failure. Try between 2 and 5 sets of the circuit depending on your fitness level.

Complete a good warm up and then stretch.

1. Pull ups - wide grip if you are able.
2. Push ups - strict form and a controlled movement
3. Power clean - barbell cleaned to shoulder level
4. Thruster - Start in a front squat position with a barbell squat down then explode up and press the barbell above your head.
5. Barbell leg raises - take a barbell weighted to 60kg, lie flat on the floor and press the bar to full extension. One rep is completed by raising both legs to touch the right plate, returning them to the floor and then raising to touch the left plate.
6. Dumbbell lunge
7. Medicine ball crunches or plank
8. One arm dumbbell snatch -

Start with the dumbbell on the floor and hold in one hand. Lift the weight overhead to full arm extension, ensuring the arm stays as straight as possible.

This is an explosive movement driven by the legs back and shoulders.

Note that it is not a clean and press - don't perform two movements by cleaning it to your shoulder and then pressing it overhead. If you find your elbow bending as you move the weight overhead then the weight is too heavy.

9. Jump squat - Either bodyweight or light barbell - explode through the squat movement and jump as high as possible before dropping into the next rep.

Cool down and stretch.

Good luck.

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