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Top 3 weight loss tips for obese people

One of the greatest scourges of the twenty first century is the problem of obesity.

The problem of obesity is complex and cuts across aspects of psychological, sociological as well as nutritional disciplines for a better understanding on how our changing living conditions have left us to where we are at this point in our civilization with as much as 1 in 5 individuals being classified as obese.

Obesity can loosely be defined as a condition whereby the excess body fat attains dangerous proportions of the total body mass, usually leading to other complications and life threatening conditions like heart diseases and diabetes, as well as socially as many overweight and obese people have also been diagnosed rie deficit as being depressed and consequently perceive themselves with a low self worth.

If you are Obese, you can help yourself

Though it might be sometimes hard to perceive, the same patterns that led to the obese conditions, can be reversed and used for good.

The conditions that usually lead to obesity are a rich diet, richer than the quantities that the body is able to utilize effectively and so stores the rest, a sedentary lifestyle, and a neglect of the small changes that gradually grow to be big changes. The top three weight loss tips for obese people are found in these.

1. Eat a balanced diet, and understand what your body really needs

Observation of many obese people do not only classify them as food lovers (which is essentially not a bad thing), but as people that may tend to sometimes eat for comfort, and not for enjoyment and against hunger.

Many obese people are also known to have a diet that is biased; maybe just a lot of meats, or a lot of ice cream, chocolate and sweets. While these are not bad in themselves, learning to mix right proportions of fruits, vegetables and other foods together will help you get a balanced diet that will help reduce body fat accumulation.


2. Get moving

In order to lose weight, you do not only need to eat less fatty foods and less food in general so as to create a calorie deficit in your body to help your body burn its fats stores naturally, you can create a greater calorie deficit just by making small changes in your daily program. Add exercise to your program. If you can jog, go ahead and jog. Just 15 minutes a day three times a week can work wonders to your body physically and psychologically.

In many cases, people can be so far off that they are even not able to jog. But this is not a problem, get out of the chair and walk. If you don’t want to go out or want to watch your favourite program, get an elliptical trainer and
get walking on this in front of the set.

3. Keep a diary of your work out and your daily loses

This can be a most rewarding exercise, and a motivator for improving. If you follow the rules of eating right, and exercising, you are bound to see reductions in as quickly as the first week.

It Is a good thing to record what you did daily, and record your progress twice weekly or at least on a weekly basis.

Besides recording your progress, take time to record how you feel about the journey, your aspirations and goals. Come back to these from time to time to fuel your fight for a better and healthier physique. And when you get there,
keep it to inspire you in other areas of life.


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