Safe Weight Training Equipment Use and basic Gym Safety

Nothing is more important than weight training safety

Find the best ways to use equipment for safe and effective workouts. Deals with both machines and free weights.

Not many people learn the correct exercise equipment usage and many of these gets injured in the gym.

This is not for you. You are about to discover few best tips on exercise equipment safety. It not only saves you but also your training partners and other gym trainers at large because you have been careful with equipments.

Here are my Top 10 Tips for safe equipment use and gym safety

1. Have a good look at the gym and get familiar with the equipment location. Visit the gym machines and free weights area to get a first hand look.

2. Position yourself properly into the weight machines. Use the knee or ankle pads, lock weights properly and get comfortable.

3. Select the correct weight training load. Too heavy weight is very stressful on your muscles and joints.

4. Perform exercises in a slow controlled manner as discussed in the correct rep speed article.

5. Always lock barbells and dumbbells properly. Always ensure you have ample space around you when performing free weights exercises and avoid backing into others.

6. Replace weights once used. Weights loitering around the gym floor can be injurious as someone {even you } might trip over and fall.

7. Always use proper workout clothes, wear shoes and use weight belts when appropriate.

8. Share equipments with others on a busy day. Let others use your equipment in your rest time when you are doing in between sets stretches.

9. Check if the exercise machine intended to be used is in proper condition. Are the pulleys working? Any loose pads? Does the levers need adjustment?

10. Its best to perform warm ups and stretches in aerobic section as it provides good space and non-interference. No distracted equipments there!

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