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by dr ben body

Your weight training regimen you follow when you're not cutting needs to be continued for when you are cutting.

High repetitions with low weights are not required; high reps do not 'tone muscle' nor do they aid in the loss of fat.

Heavy weight training is standard; the only things that change are dietary factors and cardiovascular activity levels.

Weight training whilst cutting, must remain intense. You will be able to continue to train hard as you're the plan provides structured nutrition to fuel exercise.

In order to achieve optimum results, try to include 40-50 minutes of cardiovascular exercise or high intensity interval training (HIIT) three or four times per week.

Ideally this should be done first thing in the morning, if it fits in with your daily routine, following a black tea or coffee and nothing else. Intensity should be low, say about 55-60% maximum heart rate, the optimum level for mobilizing fat reserves whilst maintaining muscle tissue.

In practice, this is the level so when you cease exercising you feel slightly warm and just out of breath.

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Jan 31, 2011
Re:Exercise and Cutting | Weight Training & Supplements
by: Anonymous

Cutting / losing weight is a beauty category not a fitness category. This also goes for building muscle - again a beauty cateogory. Unfortunately, fitness for many years has been sabotaged by the body building and weight loss / diet 'Industries'. Nobody ever questions it because they don't want to appear to be unknowledgeable.
As soon as you realise this (and it can take years), you'll have a Eureka moment and then your fitness gains / abilities will start to improve exponentially.

Good luck!

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