excess skin

i used to be really fat about last year

and now that i have lost all the fat i have excess skin
surrounding my lower stomach about two inches of it
im really stressed out about it im 16 years old

ExerciseGoals.com answers:

You need to tighten the skin around your lower abdominal area. Here are my 3 tips

1. Continue to train your lower abs.

2. Add strength training exercises mentioned under " weight training for weight loss section".

3. Eat high quality proteins.

4. Try over-the-counter creams called topical creams.

5. Surgery is the last resort to remove the excessive skin.

Hope I have answered your question.



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What to With Excess Skin around Waist after Weight Loss
The excess skin after weight loss comes from the stretching the skin has to undergo in the first place when the weight was building up. After undergoing a successful weight loss program either by dieting or by using exercises, the burned fat leaves a space behind that is shown with the flabby skin. However this excess skin after weight loss is quite annoying and displeasing aesthetically but there are a few solutions that can be done in order to lose the excess skin.

After the weight loss keep continue eating healthy and exercising

One of the things that make people to keep flabby skin after weight loss is that after the successful weight loss program they go back to their old habits again. And in less than no time the stretched body becomes filled again with excess fat.

The best thing to do in order to lose the excess skin is to continue eating healthy and eating in small quantities so as not to stretch the skin again, and also to engage in training the body by using exercises that work the midsection. The gradual shift for the body to regain its elasticity takes some time, but you must be willing to keep on with the exercises in order to see some benefits.

It is beneficial to engage in some abdominal exercises so as to build their muscle tissues that are under the skin. The muscle tissues will help to make the skin less flabby and will help the skin to retain its shape. Starting with a basic training regime and then adding using weights will help tone the body faster.

Let surgery be the last option

The skin usually takes a long time to get stretched out of proportion, and it usually takes some time coupled with persistent action in diet and exercises to see it regain its shape. While in many cases the skin has been known to regain its proper elasticity and form in less than no time, in other cases it may be complicated with infections to the skin or a slow return to the normal state. Moreover people that have been obese for a long time find that it is more difficult for their skins to regain proper elasticity than those that have not been obese for a long time.

In such extreme cases, instead of waiting for the body to get back to normal, it may be helped by targeted surgery. Before considering surgery as an option it may be worthwhile to consult with your physician first.

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Jul 04, 2008
This is great Article
by: Goran Angelkovski

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