DB Squat Jumps - Dumbbell Squats

by John
(New Jersey)

With two dumbbells at your side (with the weight you want), bend down like your doing a squats with a bar, but keep your back straight at all times.

Then when you get down to where it looks like your sitting on something, you jump up with full force as high as you can get.

This exercise is better designed for people training with sports, because it gives an athlete lots of explosion and power for their sport.

Do three or four sets of the same weight and the same reps. However on the last set or last two sets increase the weight a little bit and try for the same amount of reps as your beginning weight.

Try to get 12 reps in each set, because like I said it's for athletes that need to get some explosion and power so you want to get many reps in.

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