Cutting on calorie intake is ?

by Ruben Serrano
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Cutting on calorie intake is a very popular

strategy for weight loss. Will it make you skinny? Will it last?

How many calories to lose weigh?

How many calories should i eat a day to lose weight? or

How many calories do i need to lose weight?


How many Calories Should I Eat a Day to
Lose Weight?

Many times a day, we hear about the calorific content on food and drink, and calorie calculators are popping up everywhere on the internet with different variables all the time. How do we stay grounded with all this information? And what do we consider as standard?

What really is a calorie and why should I care about it if my goal is to lose weight?

A simplified definition of what a calorie is in relation to nutrition will be; a measure of the energy content of our food. The energy that we need for our daily tasks and even for the working of our bodies comes from food.

The extra food/ calorie that are not used up become stored in reserves in the body. This is what accumulates and causes our body weight to increase.

Some foods have higher energy values than others and consequently will have a higher calorific value than other foods. Understanding how calories relate to our food will enable us get a clearer idea on how to manage our weights
especially if our goal is to lose weight.

Calculate how much calorie you are currently using

Before you can calculate how many calories you should eat a day if you want to lose weight, you first need to calculate how many calories you are currently taking in to keep your current weight going. Calculating this manually is possible, however this value can be got online from online calorie calculators that take into account your age, height, weights and activity levels.

Once you get the calorie needs, you can then go on to calculate how much your body really needs and how much you have been taking in excess. You can then work to eliminate that extra calorie by making sure that the food you eat from then
on has fewer calories than you were eating before.

A simplistic Approach you can Use

Sometimes the calculation can be a bit daunting and difficult to follow. However a more simplistic approach goes as follow; a pound of body fat contains about 3,500 calories.

Consider that you want to lose 1 pound of body fat every week, it means you have to calculate your diet to have 3500 fewer calories in a week. Therefore you can arrange your daily calorific intake to take 500 calories off what you normally
eat daily and in a week you should be able to lose that pound.


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Jan 25, 2011
RE: Cutting on calorie intake is ?
by: Mike

Weight loss is not in the health and fitness category, but in the beauty category. Weight loss goals will hold you back in every way. The sooner people realise this, the better off you will be in the long term in respect of health, fitness and vitality.

Jan 25, 2011
Re: Cutting on calorie intake is ?
by: Mike

The thing with metabolism and calorie expenditure is that it is constantly changing. For example if you have a day where you pig out on heaps of food your metabolism will go through the roof to try and compensate it. Often those who overeat have higher metabolisms than those who undereat (though the increase in metabolic rate never equates which is why they put on weight). And, of course. metabolism will drop whenever you start to drop your calorie intake.
Metabolism will also change throughout the year as a natural result of the temperature. This also happens within nature - hormones will be released to slow metabolism in winter in order to store body fat to keep warm (that's my excuse anyhow).
So basically it's impossible to change intake without a change in expenditure ie one can't remain constant, and therefore renders any sort of calculation totally meaningless.

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