Crossfit to Build Muscle Mass for Teens

To all of you i recommend crossfit. I am 15 and have been doing crossfit for about a year. It has helped me so much! Along with the zone diet the two together work magic! I am now on my way to gaining muscle mass 2 pounds a week, healthily. So check it out it will change your life., And the Zone Diet. They post a Wod ( workout of the day) every day and it is a very good program. So check it out!



In the real world situations most athletes although they are fit and competent in their area of expertise are known to be specialized in one area of training, while leaving the other areas.

For example marathoners have obviously developed their cardiovascular systems to the highest capacity, but they may not be very strong in terms of lifting loads of any nature. Or the strongman may have developed the ability to lift heavy loads but fails when tested in endurance programs.

CrossFit on the other hand strives to develop a person in all the identified areas of physical fitness that is found in different sports.

These are; improvement in cardiovascular capacity, respiratory capacity, strength, flexibility, power, coordination and speed among others.

Therefore the purpose of crossFit is to give a person and all round training so that they are well balanced in every area of fitness.

However as the major drawback of CrossFit is that it discourages specialization in any one area of fitness unlike weight training that targets the building of bulk muscles and cardiovascular exercises that emphasize cardiovascular fitness can CrossFit be used to build muscles?

The answer to this question is emphatically yes.

Though CrossFit can be used to train the body to complete physical preparedness in strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, stamina and other areas, if you really wish to build muscles, then you can concentrate more on the exercises that lead to mass gaining strategies (or muscle building).

A simple CrossFit routine to build muscle mass

A simple CrossFit routine to build muscle mass can be as follows on a day to day basis, or at least two to three times a week for maximum effectiveness.

• A short jog then going to a run
• A few rounds of push ups
• A few repetitions of deadlifts
• A bench press repetition
• Squat

One of the ideas in this program is to use the whole body during the exercise period. In order to build muscles, the pushups, the bench presses, deadlifts and squats can be used to build muscle.

If you are going to use a routine such as the one shown above to build muscle you will have to increase the intensity of the workout period by increasing the time, distance and intensity of your runs (that is if you were jogging for 5 minutes you can go to 10 or run instead of jogging), increasing the number of repetitions and by increasing the weight that is used in each training session.

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