Importance of Core Training - Is Core Training Important ?

Every now and then someone upon reading my Core Exercises and Workouts Section emails me and asks if they can skip core training. My usual answer is why would You? Why would they want a weak link in their body and why would they want the most important body part as far as stability is concerned remain weak knowing that core affects ALL lifts?

Your First Job as an infant was Core Stabilization

Did you know that as an infant your first job in motor control was to stabilize your core. Yes even before you learnt neck control and bladder control!

The fact is that core is where your motor control starts and core is where it remains. Big strong upper and middle body will NOT counteract for a weak core. Period!

A strong core not only helps in better upper and lower body lifts but it is a prerequisite for a smooth functioning body.

Back Pain and Core Stability

Its no wonder that people are ignorant about Core Training and so there should no wonder when we see number of patients with back pain increasing alarmingly. You should not be one of them.

Your core which is the center of power is as important as the centre of gravity unless you are ready to live with a backache. I hop you not!

Core Training becomes even more important if you are in sports. Remember you are as strong as your weakest link, in this case your core muscles.

In Summary

  • Core muscles are primary requisite for stability.
  • A strong core reduces your chances of low back injury and backache which is getting so common, especially in women and athletes.
  • A strong core helps you lift bigger and better in exercises like squats and clean & press.
  • A strong core can be the difference between winning and losing in athletics and sports.
  • Core includes both abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. Training then both for balance and stability. Recommends

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