chris supersets for chest muscle

A great way to rip up your chest is a super set of 10 to 12 incline dumbell presses followed up with 10 to 12 perfect push-ups on an incline as well,

When doing the perfect push-ups start in the up position with your palms out (facing in front of you) and as you descend down rotate your palms inward towards your feet, and on the press back up rotate palms back out in front of you.

Do 1 set of incline dumbell presses and 1 set of incline perfect push-ups (with the rotation), do this for 3 sets of each which equals 6 total sets, after the incline press and push-ups, do the exact same routine for flat bench dumbell press and flat push-ups (still with the rotation) for the same amount of sets as the incline.

I start with incline because it`s the hardest bench for most people so you want to build up that strength. rotate this work out with dumbell press and standard bench presses using the bench bar.

This work out is excellent for building size, defenition, and strength. and it is harder than it sounds, you will definatley feel this. Form is the most important, slow and full range of motion!

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Sep 06, 2009
Cool Superset advice
by: Michael Colgan

Hello, Chris,

Your superset advice seems cool. Will try it for next 4 weeks and see how my chest grows.


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