Chest Training do Flyes before Bench Press

by liam
(mullagh ireland)

Do Fliyes before bench press because triceps fail before the chest in bench press but u want to train the chest.

If you do flies first it tires out the chest meaning that when it comes to bench your chest fails first meaning more of a chest workout


How to do Chest Flys Exercise

The chest fly (or flye) is an isolation exercise that can be used to complement other chest exercises like bench presses and pushups. They can be performed in a number of positions, standing, sitting, lying down flat, and can also be performed using any kind of weight that can be held in the hand, most especially dumbbells are used here.

1. The most common chest fly is performed lying flat on an exercise bench or on a flat stepper, holding the dumbbells in both hands with the palms pointing towards each other.

2. Then keep your elbows bent, the best way is to make sure that it kept pointing to the ground at an angle.

3. Lower the dumbbells from both sides until your arms are in a straight line with your chest.

4. Hold at the bottom position, and then bring your arms back up again. Then repeat.

One of the things to avoid during your exercise sessions is to make sure that you learn different forms of each exercise so that you will be able to vary your exercises. This will make your time productive as you will be training both the major and minor muscle groups and varying the exercises will make your training sessions fresh and interesting.

Other variations of chest flys exercise

Here are other forms of the chest fly exercise that you can use to make your training more productive and fun;

Inclined chest fly

This follows the same principle of the flat bench chest fly, the only difference is that you are lying on an inclined bench instead of a flat bench.

The one armed sitting fly with cable

In this variation of the chest fly, you are using a cable to produce the resistance (instead of a dumbbell) as in the other exercises. This exercise can be performed sitting in an upright position on an exercise bench or on an exercise ball.

The starting position should have you sitting upright, holding the grip of the cable in tension and having your elbows bent, with the handle right in front of your chest.

Slowly let the machine pull your arms away from you until the arm is completely opened wide, and then bring it back again to the starting position.

Doing the chest fly on an exercise ball

Instead of using a flat bench, you can decide to use an exercise ball for your lying chest flys, or you can use it interchangeably during other sessions to provide variety.

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Aug 18, 2015
by: Greg

Well, that was quite an impressive and helpful tip. I have recently started my body building sessions and I think, I had been doing this wrong for a while. Yeah, I used to get tired after bench presses and I think this may have been the reason.

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