Chest and Back Weight Training Workout Routine

by Ryan Isbell
(Emporia, KS, United States of America)

2 set for each exercise!

The shorter the break the better workout

1x10 military push up (1)

1X10 underhand chin ups(1)

1x10 decline military push up(2)

1x10 underhand chin ups(2)

Maximum 45sec. REST

1x10 wide push ups(1)

1x10 overhand chin ups(1)

1x10 decline wide push ups(2)

1x10 overhand chin ups(2)

maximum 45sec. REST

1x10 diamond push ups(1)

1x10 WIDE grip pull ups(1)

1x10 Decline diamond push ups(2)

1x10 WIDE grip pull ups(2)
*Add reps if it is gets to be easier!
* If you want to add on to this
I suggest you add

Chest dips 2x10 or 15reps.
along with
(1x10 hyperextensions (Back Extensions)
1x10 hyperextensions on a flat Bench
weighted ball hyperextensions)

2x 10 or 12reps Barbell deadlifts

This workout is to consist of calisthenic workout to get lean hard muscle. I have tried it and have been using it with noticeable great result in time!

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