Cardio for Abs?

by Ritesh

i have kind of fat deposited on abdomen, and i have heard from many people that cardio is great way to loose abdomen fat ? is it so?

well my weight is 65 kg average height is 5 ft 8 and half inches, have kind of fat deposited on abdomen and wanna get rid of it? so any suggestions?


How to Use Cardio to Get Flat Abs

When the body starts building up fat stores due to overeating, lack of exercises and poor diets, the first place it starts showing is usually around the midsection. Besides the fact that it is not aesthetically appealing, it can also lead to several diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Cardio exercises refer to exercises that increase the activity of the heart, the muscles and also in increasing the activity of the body. Increasing the activity of the body enables the body to burn fat, condition the muscles and also strengthen the heart muscles.

The best ways to use cardio to get flat abs include;

Do intensive exercises

You can get flat abs by making your exercises more intensive. This has two advantages; the first one is that it will increase the rate of your metabolism; the second one is that it will reduce the time that you are using for exercising.
Make your exercises more interesting by adding variety to your sessions

Many people stick to one kind of exercise, and very often get bored and do not exercise to near the capacity that they should have. One of the best ways to make your work out sessions more productive and interesting is to have different exercises up your sleeve so that you can perform them in session on the same day or in different days.

Some of the best cardio exercises that can help you get flat abs include;


Brisk walking is a low impact cardio workout that everyone can involve in to get flat abs in general, and to stay healthy and be in shape. It is an activity that can be involved in anytime, but one of the best ways to do this is to go out for walks after meals instead of resting in a couch. Another way to do this is to walk instead of taking the bus back home from work or at least walk part of the way instead of taking a ride.

Jogging and running

Jogging is less intensive than running, and both can be used to increase the activity of the body, burn fat and condition the muscles. They can be done separately or done during the same session. Many have found it essential to start with a jog for several minutes and then broke into an intensive run, and then go back to jogging to slowly end the session.


Swimming is an important cardio exercise because it involves all the muscles of the body. Swimming at least once every week can lower the fat content of the body and lead to flat abs.


Hiking is also a cardio exercise that you can use to your advantage if you practice it at least once every week or every other week. It is also relaxing as well as fun.


Cycling every week can also give you flat abs. if you do not find the time to go out or to cycle in nature, or if you have difficulties doing this, a stationary machine will work just fine for you. Work from a slow pace to an intensive pace in a 30 minutes session and watch yourself develop flat abs.

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Nov 18, 2010
re: cardio for abs
by: Anonymous

80% of it is done in the kitchen. For the fitness work using exercises that use the whole body as one unit. Think: Climbing, crawling, pushing, pulling, throwing, reacting. Use body weight exercises, sledgehammers, climb ropes, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, medicine balls, hit a punch bag, sand bags, tyre flipping (free from your local farmer). Keep rountines short and intense - and none of this lame cardio stuff. Have fun too but always focus on the journey, not the destination. Fitness will never be boring again!

See my website below for daily workouts, a free newsletter, recipes and I can answer any questions you have.

Good luck!


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