butt muscle - butt exercises to build bigger butt

HI I am trying to grow my butt wish measure 36 right now, it was 35 before I

stared but after a month has not improve, I am happy anyways because my
boyfriend has notice it, but i want some more, can you recommend a work out for
me? right now I am doing,squats, donkey kicks and a few other, One of my
mistakes has being that i was doing tree sets of 20 reps each, but you recommend
more...sorry about my spelling I am Venezuelan.Thank you for your help.


Hi Adriana,

Please read the Butt building exercises and workouts mentioned at the page

How to Build
Butt Muscle - Build a Bigger Butt

Adriana, also make sure that you eat as mentioned in the muscle diet section.

Here are some more points

How to do Butt Exercises to Build Bigger Butt

Many of the exercises that are already well known and practiced in the gym during a complete body workout generally involve the butt muscles as stabilizers. The main reason why many people complain of a butt that is too small or flabby is because they do not really pay attention to the butt muscles when they are exercising.

Here are a few tips on how to do butt exercises consciously to build a bigger butt;

The butt is typically made of the Gluteus Maximus, the gluteus Medius and Gluteus minimus muscle groups.

In order to make sure that they get enough exercise, you have to make sure to concentrate on them each time you are doing exercises such as squats.

In order to avoid forgetting to do your butt exercises it is essential to set aside a day for butt exercises.

Many people have found it beneficial to do their butt exercises together with the legs and thighs exercises.

Therefore combining these on the same day can make it easier to build your butt muscles which will lead to a bigger butt.

What exercises can be used for a bigger butt?


Squats are one of the best exercises that you can uses to build a better butt. It is a simple exercise and can be done with a barbell, a dumbbell or just body weight. You can start with no weights to learn the form of the service, and then use weights so as to improve the effectiveness of the exercise.


Lunges are can also be used to build the butts, and you can perform them either without weights or with weights. However like with the squats, using weights will sculpt your butts better than without weights.

Leg presses

Leg presses are one of the best exercises that can be used to make your butts bigger and well toned.

Hip raises

Hip raises are one of the best exercises that you can do to get a bigger and firmer butt.

They can be performed with or without weights.

However if you are alone, you can use smaller weights.

If you have a spotter, you can use bigger weights as the spotter can help place the weights on your hips.

To get the best from this exercise, make sure that you squeeze your butt muscles at the top of each repetition.


Hameed S.


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