Build Up My Legs as they are so Skinny

by shivam

I m shivam from Delhi (India) I m 16yr old .my legs r so skinny too much. i want to build up. please help me by giving some advice exercise and al that. I will be highly thankful to you. please help me.


Top 3 Tips for Teens to Build Leg Muscles

Teenagers are by nature very active members of the population. Like most segments of the population, teenagers are also suffering from the changes in lifestyle that is apparent in our society today. They are more prone of playing
computer games and spending longer hours sitting down rather than out there running and playing.

Getting regular exercise and following a weekly exercise program is a good thing for teens to be involved in if we have to offset the current rates of obesity and associated diseases like diabetes and complications of the heart.

Why building leg muscles is important for teens

The legs are one of the most muscular regions of the body, and they support the body in many ways. Getting a good training for the legs at an early stage in life means you will build strong bones and muscles that will support your growing frames when you are young, and also keep you in good posture when you get older.

You are less likely to get injuries from falls, and more over you will easily get back to health if you happen to have an injury. Above all, if building good legs is

learned as part of a complete body building routine, you will be
learning habits of staying healthy and strong that may carry on to later life.

Techniques for Building Leg Muscles for Teens

1. Legs work out should be included as part of the general work out, and should be done as part of a complete body workout. Teens should be able to work out at least once or twice weekly and not for long periods. 30 minutes to 1 hour of full body work out in each session will be sufficient using light to medium weights.

2. The barbell squat should not be overlooked as it develops many of the muscle groups in the legs. The Barbell squat should be done with a weight that is enough to do about 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. Leg presses can also be used
with the barbell squat or rotated on different exercise days. Another exercise that can also be done is the dead lift.

3. In order to train the muscles effectively, try to learn different exercises and do them in rotation. You can also gradually increase the weights gradually and the level of rotations to increase the strength and size of the leg muscles.


Even though striving to build leg muscles is a good thing, it should not be done at the expense of the other parts of the body. The legs should be trained as part of a whole body program.

Please check out the Muscle Building Section.

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