Bodybuilding Myths | Muscle Mass Building Facts & Myths demystified!

Clear all your Bodybuilding Myths and get real facts on Building Muscle Mass. Read more to clear facts from the myths and let your Muscle Building Gains explode.

Next to the Weight Loss Industry, Bodybuilding Industry has been filled with highly untrue myths. From Training to Diet and Supplementation the over hyped tips seem to be confusing many. Its time to clear them once for all.

If you are new to Bodybuilding then from now on you know nothing about Bodybuilding! Remember why you started searching for correct information? You want to know the absolute best ways to Build Muscle and Lose unwanted fat to get shredded right? The allow no exceptions. I will not only tell you the right from wrong but also prove you why I say so.

Let my 10 years of Bodybuilding knowledge help you save your 10 years of Gym time!

[NOTE - This Section is never complete. I will mention the FAQS as I keep finding them and I request you to email me your questions if any].

Bodybuilding Myths and Facts! You are in for a Shock!

Myth  - Bodybuilding Magazines are a great place to start for Muscle Gain information.

Fact - Bodybuilding magazines cater to the Bodybuilders who are on drugs and want to compete and win no matter what they need to eat, from drugs to anything claimed to show results.

When you have a look at the Bodybuilding magazines you will realize that they cater to make big guys bigger. And that's very true. Their true target market is the competitor level bodybuilding section who will buy huge amounts of supplements both legal and illegal to Build Muscle no matter what.

Professional Bodybuilders are in Business so are the magazines. Professional Bodybuilders are trying to win pro cards, win contests and become expert writers on how to use supplements [ and drugs! although they don't say that] and train the next generation of bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding magazines shows them what their idols use in their training and Supplementation to show their results. This inspires upcoming bodybuilders to follow their workouts in want of more muscle.

Now where does this leave the average guy in search of Muscle building. All you as an average guy wants to know is how to add 10-20 lbs of Muscle and get rid of your skinny frame! And all you get a haphazard way to train and add supplements without a clear plan to get ahead.

And here is a fact - If the Bodybuilding magazines keep repeating the best Muscle exercises over and over who will buy them? They have to keep adding some variations, newer exercises and workouts to keep buyers juiced up to buy their next edition.

Verdict - I have definitely found some useful tips in magazines and supplement reports but they are more confusing and contradicting than being useful. Leave the Bodybuilding magazines to the competitors who want to build all the muscles of their body by all legal and illegal means and you concentrate on the basic Mass Builders as discussed in the Muscle Building Exercises Section. They WORK. Use them and you will definitely thank me later.

I do all the reading for you. From magazines to latest books and ebooks I read them all. Do not waste your time. Just subscribe to my Blog and anything latest will be revealed to you.

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Myth - The Bigger & Stringer guys in the Gym knows it all when it comes to Muscle Building

Fact - Different types of bodies respond differently. What works for mesomorphs will not work for ectomorphs or endomorphs!

Just because a guy is really Muscular and can lift the whole gym doesn't mean he really knows how to build your body. Individual metabolisms differ and many make the mistake of believing one-formula-fits-all.

The fact is that many bodybuilders how are freaking big are essentially mesomorphs with muscle building metabolisms and are on steroids. Now would you like to take his advice?

When you train naturally you need to listen to Natural bodybuilders. Period! Only Natural bodybuilders will understand your concerns as they have faced similar problems themselves.

Myth - To Build Muscle you need to eat High Carbohydrates and Proteins

Fact - Proper nutrients under guidelines mentioned under theMuscle Building Nutrition Section, equally spaced 5-6 times a day with emphasis on Post workout and Breakfast Meals are the basic Muscle Mass Building Tips. Do Not ignore them.

Eating high amounts of carbs can lead you to high fat storage and high proteins can cause you Kidney problems, not to mention if you eat more than that can be used the proteins will be lost from the body in urine unused.

You will hear all kinds of diets. 60-40, 50-50, High carbs, Atkins, Low fats but the fact remains that all the essential nutrients in the proper amounts is the only way Muscles Build.

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