Body Part Isolation Training

by James Godin

According to scientific studies, the body does not work well when you try to do isolation exercises. It is better to perform kinetic exercises instead. This means when you are working out, you would use a large portion of your body to train the smaller portions.

If you attempt to do any kind of muscle isolation exercise, what you are really doing is performing single-joint exercises, and that will not work. The body will not function properly that way. In fact, by doing that type of exercise, you are really risking damage or injury to that body part.

In your body, everything is connected together. This means when you workout, every part of your body works out together. When you lift weights, you may do bicep exercises, thinking that will strength your biceps only. But it doesn?t. You are also exercising your triceps, shoulders, and wrists. Do you see what I mean? You are actually working out three areas or muscle groups at the same time.

Of course if you don?t care about what I say and want to end up with joint problems, tendonitis, excess body fat, and other kinds of injuries and illness, go right ahead. But if you are smart, you will understand what I am saying here and will do the right thing, and do the right type of exercise. The end result will be a lean, muscular, injury-free body that will perform at its best.

You will find when doing overall exertion-type exercise, or the type of movement that many trainers refer to as complex, you will not only lose body fat, you will also lose more calories than if you tried to do single-joint workouts. Plus, you also increase your metabolic rate, and stimulate production of more fat burning and muscle building hormones like growth hormone and testosterone.


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