Best Pre and Post Workout Muscle Building Foods for Men & Women

Hi I am a mentor or program facilator who has been ask for foods that helps woman to increase the musle side. which I dont have an answer for, how or what to say when I read on computer the infor is good dont get me wrong, but I also think the informations should be clarified and to point off runups. if you had information wich inclede when to eat what to eat at deferent meals, would you let me know. at


Although the Muscle Building Section helps you with lots of food choices, I consider the most important muscle building meal timings are pre and post workout ones. Here are some more useful tips...

Best Pre and Post Workout Muscle Building Foods

It is common knowledge that over 50% of those that are currently involved in different weight loss plans will eventually pick these weights again or even more when they stop the program, and that people that are training to build muscle will find that after a certain point they are not able to see progress anymore.

In both cases, one of the overwhelming reasons behind these failures is the lack of knowledge about the right kind of nutrition which favors their program and helps them achieve the lifestyle and body that they desire.
Getting a good nutrition plan together with an efficient workout plan and making sure to keep at these regularly will yield great benefits and help to build muscles in the most effective manner.

Pre and post workout nutrition is composed of two parts, the first part being the food proper, and the second part which is the supplements that you can take to enhance your bodybuilding potentials.

Pre workout Muscle building foods

Pre workout meals should be taken at least two to three hours before your training session
to give time for the food to be digested and be in the available form for use in building muscles during the training session. It should ideally be composed of fruits, moderate to low carbohydrate foods for fuel, proteins that are the building blocks of tissue.

Fruits contain vitamins that help the reactions of the body to go smoothly, carbohydrate for energy production. For carbohydrates you can take white rice or brown bread and for proteins meat or fish will do just fine, and eggs are known to have a high protein value.
Pre workout supplements should be taken about 30 minutes before the workout session for maximum purposes and they include; multivitamins, creatine, caffeine and ephedrine Hcl, Tyrosine, Tauirne, whey protein among others.

Post workout Muscle Building foods

During workout your muscles are being broken down and the energy stores have been used up for the exercise therefore the post workout meal should be able to slow down protein breakdown, aid synthesis of muscles as well as replenish the energy stores.
The best form to replace these immediately after a workout session is through liquid means as this form is readily absorbed by the body. The supplements dextrose and maltodextrin mixed in a 50/50 proportion and about 8 g per Kg body mass will help to replace the glycogen content that was used during exercise.

Branched chain Amino Acid (BCAA) containing supplements are useful for increasing the protein synthesis of the body which is what will help to build muscle tissue. You can also get this fro whey protein shakes that contain a high BCAA content.
About one or two hours of your workout, you can eat foods like Pasta, sweet potatoes, brown rice and vegetables that will provide what you need for energy and foods high in proteins like chicken, lean beef, fish, eggs and nuts.

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Jun 24, 2011
RE: Best Pre and Post Workout Muscle
by: Anonymous

this is just a western writer's viewpoint and I don't think it's true.
It's the same conditioning that gets people to automatically say that there's a deficiency in vegetarian diets, and it has nothing to do with reality. It's only the West that isolates food into groups (which is not food at all!) - the Shaolin have pre-existed the knowledge of protein, carbs, calcium etc for hundreds of years - Vitamins were only 'discovered' in the 1920s!

Forget this crap thinking of breaking your food up into percentages of this and that - nature has taken millions of years to work out the perfect combinations so I suggest you stick to that process and not some hack trying to sell another book.

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