Best Freakin Back Workout Ever!!!!:D

by awesome

first you start out by throwing weights on your back.... this teaches you how to get used to pain. then you get one person to grab your legs and another to grab your head then you have them stretch your back out!!! be careful not to pull a muscle!! when you're done ice your back as it may be very sore.

How to Have a Safe Back Workout

The back is one of the areas of the body that is undertrained. One of the major reasons for this is because it is not easily seen and noticed and so many people do not pay attention to this. Moreover in order to see any improvement in the strength of the back, consistent training has to be given to it so.

In order to train the back, it is necessary to follow some basic safety rules without which it is easy to injure the back. Here are some rules for having a safe back workout:

Learn and follow the correct form of the exercise

One of the major causes of back injuries during workout session is that people do not follow the correct form of exercises. Improper form can place stress in areas of the back that are not supposed to be overstressed and this may lead to disc slippages and bruises that may cause back injury and pain.

Learning the right form of exercise needs patience, but it pays off in the long run. Dead lifts are one of the best back exercises. The best way to learn to do this is to use smaller weights that will permit you to learn the proper form and then increase to heavier weights as you gain confidence and as your back muscles become stronger.

Avoid overtraining when working out the back

The back like almost every other area of the body can be over trained by using weights that are greater than your level of fitness and strength or by doing more repetitions than is necessary. It is also possible to over train if you train many days of the week or week after week without giving yourself time to rest and recover.

One of the best ways to overcome this is to concentrate on training a different part of the body in each training session. In this way you don’t get to stress one part a great deal. The other point is to make sure that you give your back and other parts time to rest and recover after a training session before getting into training again.

Train all the body to avoid Muscle imbalances

One of the greatest causes of back injuries during training occurs when the back muscles are stretched dangerously. This is usually caused by the back muscles being undertrained and less flexible compared to muscles in the other regions of the body.

The injuries usually occurs when training with larger weights using the other parts of the body, and then using these same weights to try to work the back muscles that have not been trained to the same level of strength of the other muscles. This will usually lead to injuries of the back.

The remedy is to progressively increase the level of fitness of the whole body so that all muscles will have a similar conditioning.

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