Best Aerobic Exercises For People With Leg Problems

by Wayne Parnell
(South Africa)

Are you looking for some of the best aerobic exercises for people with leg problems? Leg problems preventing normal exercise is a typical issue we answer questions on. It all depends on the types of leg problems that exist, as obviously there is a very large range—everything from minor arthritis to recovery of a broken leg.

These are extremes on both sides, and because of that we will talk about a range of different exercises, some of which may not be appropriate for your specific condition. Treat this information like a buffet table—take what you want and works for you, then leave the rest behind.

Swimming is one of the best overall exercises for those with leg problems. You won’t always have access to a pool, however, but any time that you can get in a pool is a great thing. Swimming is quite possibly the lowest impact workout in all of existence.

The toning that happens while swimming is amazing and well worth the trip down to the pool. If you have leg problems, it may also be one of your only options—depending on the severity of the issue you’re facing.

If you are able to swim then make it a point to do so. Swimming remains one of the sheer-best workouts ever. If you are not able to move your legs much you can still benefit a lot from just moving your arms with the help of the natural resistance from the water. This along can get your heart rate up and provide a wonderful aerobic exercise when your legs are cooperative.

There are a number of other best exercises for people with leg problems and these include mostly using your arms to accomplish the workout.
Have you tried pull-ups, for example? Pull-ups provide a great workout for your upper body—your back, shoulders, stomach, chest and arms will all get a workout from a good pull-up. This is a good solution if your leg problems prevent you from doing a lot of lower-body workouts.

What else can be done?


Get a good set of dumbbells and use them for all manners of arm, shoulder and stomach workouts. Again, use the other parts of your body to get a good workout if your legs present problems which stop you from other forms of exercise.

Get creative and come up with some other exercises that will help you accomplish your fitness goals without letting the problems with your legs slow you down.

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