by Laura

As the title suggests I am a beginner. I am so sick and tired of the muffin top, flabby arms and no muscle. I am a woman who is also concerned with bone lose. I love using herbs and natural remedies for whole body health. So if you are into this or would like to experiment then this is for you.

To help me out with my weight loss goals I started using 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar before each meal. This helps to stop fat accumulation in the belly. And for your information is also helps to reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. After a few months of this I noticed some weight loss. Also I felt better and had more energy. I started eating smaller meals and adding protein to my diet.

I found a wonderful food that contains all the proteins for muscle strengthening. It is quinoa. I use it like rice and it tastes much like it. And it is a versatile as rice. With all this new energy I started to do some aerobics to help the fat loss along. I do know that weight training will speed up fat loss, but I just wasn’t there yet. Plus, I don’t have the equipment. So, aerobics was the next best thing.

Everything was going well but the exercises were getting boring. To make reaching my goals more interesting I added yoga. Wow, yoga is tough even the beginner yoga.

Now, I am ready to start weight training. Just by doing the above routing I lost 25 pounds. I found a wonderful and experienced personal trainer in my area and I am ready to get started. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as I start on this new journey. I am ready to get in shape and in perfect time for the summer.

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