by Arnold Rodas
(Hollywood, FL)

Every day workout

50 Pull ups/Chin Ups every day 10 reps
-pull ups great upper body work out wen from only being able to doin 3 now i go to 15 easy

100 Pushups 25 reps
100 Dips 25 Reps
100 Legraises 25 reps

300 Calve Raises 25 1 Leg 25 2nd Leg 50 Together
NO SUCH THING AS REST DAY!!! Why? Read the title thats why o and no 2min breaks why the title
no need for weights or equipment if you could lift so much how about trying your body instead of weights
BTW im 18 :)

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May 26, 2015
by: Soofy

The workout strategy that is explained here on the webpage is superb, but I doubt if a person can do 50 pullups of 10 sets. The person should be a really a best to do that. Could you please share some images of your body? employment and labor law attorneys

Aug 14, 2010
Worst i have ever seen, without a doubt
by: Anonymous

1st- when you say 50 pullups/10 reps, you meant to say sets. reps is how many you do IN a 50 pullups, 10 sets is meant.

2nd- you dont have to do that everyday. something like that should only be done one, maybe 2 TOPS a week....anymore than that, and your just breaking up muscle.

3rd- You should break it up into groups. no need to work the whole body at once....and you dont have any legs being worked in there. I dont want a big upper body and giraffe legs.

4th- You have to rest to build up the muscle; when you work out you break up muscle, not build it up. so by over training, your not doing anything good to yourself

5th- It may seem like a lot, but thats not really a lot if you break it up and do it in sets. when i workouk, say im doing pushups and pullups only, i do 12 sets of 40 pushups and 12 sets of 20 pullups, making it 480 pushups and 240 pullups.....

6th- I have a damn lot more to say but i doubt your gonna even read this, let alone follow it. im a damn good bodybuilder and im in highschool too.....18 years old too.

Jun 14, 2010
by: steak

workout sucks body weight can only get u so strong then extra weight is needed to bulk up! Plus no squats?

Feb 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

not really intense workout so the most you need is like 1 day but if you wanna lose muscle go head take the whole week off

Feb 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

jonathan says you need rest days to build muscle, so this workout sucks

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