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Use 1.5 kg weights when you walk on the treadmill,swing your arms around.You will soon have toned arms and you will lose extra weight using extra weights.

How to use Dumbbells While Walking on Treadmill

The treadmill has proven to be a wonderful companion both at home and in the gym to get people moving in order to give them cardiovascular fitness as well as to help them develop strength and endurance in all parts of their bodies. It is also a great exercise for toning the body.

Like any other exercise, diversity is very important to challenging your muscles to develop by using different exercises that challenge different muscle groups and also at different intensities. One of the ways of making sure that your treadmill exercises do not become routine is to include dumbbells to your treadmill workout session.

Dumbbells have different weights that you can use to your advantage for working out in the treadmill. You can gradually increase the weight so as to increase the intensity of your workout.

Dumbbells help to make your treadmill workout sessions more balanced. This is because though treadmills work the whole cardiovascular system, it is the muscles of the lower body that are more affected in the training. Using dumbbells will work the upper body.

If you have to exercise with dumbbells on the treadmill you have to know that you really can’t work at a very high speed as this can throw you off balance. Therefore you should be working from slow to medium speeds.
You can also increase the intensity by increasing the incline of the treadmill to make the walking more challenging.

Different kind of dumbbell exercises you may perform on Treadmills

Dumbbells are useful because you are not limited to the range of movements and consequently the number of exercises that you can perform with them is numerous. One of the easiest to be done is lateral lifts.

Dumbbell lateral lifts on treadmills

• Holding dumbbells of suitable weight with both hands jog at a comfortable rate to get you going
• The increased weight of the dumbbells will also be giving your feet a greater load to carry
• After jogging for about 2 minutes, lift weights laterally at the side until you have both hands in one plane at shoulder levels
• Hold in that position while you jog again, and bring them down slowly at your sides and repeat as necessary.
Other dumbbell exercises that you can perform while walking on the treadmill are dumbbell curls and shoulder presses. Do about 10 repetitions of these and then let your hands to rest while still walking before going on another round.

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