Aerobic is Not the Best for Weight Loss

I think it is funny how you promote craig ballentynes workouts when he is such an advocate against Boring aerobic cardio. yes i agree you may burn more calories whilst working out, but what about the after effects???



I always recommend weight training with quick high intensity aerobic workouts. Please read the Weight Training for Weight Loss Section.


Aerobics for Weight loss - Pros and Cons

Aerobic exercise is exercise that improves the level of oxygen in the body. There are many different aerobic exercises that fall under the class of aerobic exercise. Some of a few are; cycling, swimming, jogging and running at a moderate pace.
There are many advantages to regularly performing aerobic exercises. Some of these are;

Aerobic exercise keeps the body in a good form by strengthening the muscles of the body. The increased strength of the muscles of the body enables you to carry out your daily activities, and especially to keep our frames in form as we go older. People that exercise regularly have been known to grow old gracefully, being able to handle their daily needs.

Aerobic exercise also strengthens the muscles of the heart, enabling the body to have a steady blood pressure, preventing high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases that my occur as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.

Aerobic exercise is also good for supplying the body with sufficient amounts of oxygen, which is needed by the tissues of the body. By doing aerobic exercise more air is sent to the lungs which therefore aerate the tissues, enabling the body to carry out its metabolic activities efficiently.

How does aerobic exercise affect weight loss?

When we perform aerobic exercise, the activity of the body increases and the body consequently uses more energy. The increase in activity above the normal forces the body to use up its energy stores by burning fats in order to use as energy. As our bodies do this, our fats stores are consumed and we consequently lose weight in the process.

However for aerobic exercises to be effective in weight loss, it must be accompanied with other methods like good nutrition as well.

The cons of using aerobic exercise for weight loss

Despite all the advantages of aerobic exercises for weight loss, there are a few disadvantages to be found here too. Some are;
Doing aerobic exercises for weight loss may lead to injury if proper form is not followed or if the exercises are done to intensity above what you can handle. Therefore care must be taken to stay within limits you can handle.

Some people have actually had heart attacks even while exercising. Therefore it is better to know your risks, and maybe to do low impact exercises to strengthen your heart before going to intensive aerobic exercises.


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