6 days/week every morning weight training program

by fendus

Day 1

1/4 squat 4x4
half squat 4x4
box squat 4x4
seated legcurl 5x12
calfraises 5x12
pendley row 4x4
dumbell row 4x6-8
abs 100 reps 4 exersises

day 2
1/4 bench 4x4
half bench 4x4
decline bench 4x4
incline dumbellpress 4x4-6
flyes 6x6
push press 4-6x4-6
seated dumbell press 4x10
dips 6-12 sets x10

day 3
seated dumbell curl 4x4
reverse curl 4x8
forearmscurl 4x12
cleans 4-6x 3
snatch 5x5
hyperextension 3x10
abs heavy 4x10 in 4 exersises

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