5 Day Workout to Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle

by Ben Legg

I have been training for a fairly long time now (4 years) and have been through so many different workout routines it's ridiculous.

Before I share with you my workout which I use all the time, I would like you to research YOUR body type!

There is 3 different kinds of body, Endomorph (tend to be overweight and very large bone structure), Ectomorph (flat chest, skinny, high metabolism) and Mesomorph ('The Gifted Ones', athletic physique, gain muscle easily and are naturally strong).

Once you workout your body type THEN you will have complete success building muscle.

This is aimed at Mesomorph and Endomorph mainly. Ectomorphs can use this Routine but cardio needs to be kept to a minimal.

Monday: Chest, abs and 20-30 minute HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Interval Training)

Tuesday: Back

Wednesday: Legs, Abs and 20-30 minute HIIT Cardio

Thursday: Shoulders and Traps

Friday: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Abs and 20-30 minute HIIT Cardio

Saturday and Sunday: Rest!

HIIT Cardio is the best cardio for losing fat and gaining muscle because even after you've finished you're still burning calories!

5/6 Exercises per muscle group
Sets: 3-4 per exercise
Reps: 6-8
Muscle Shock: Incorporate Drop Sets, Burn Sets and Super sets

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Mar 30, 2011
5 Day Workout to Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle
by: Anonymous

A few comments:-

1. Weight loss programs,body building, protein supplements,fat loss, isolation training All in the same basket. And all have very little to
do with true health and fitness, defined as they are by the wants and needs of the ego and its obsession with appearance. And because of this, most of what you read, see, learn and do with
regard to health and fitness 'advice' , is often in direct conflict to your health.

2. Why the isolation training - the body does not work in isolation, so why train it that way? Isolation will lead to instability, lack of co-ordination and risk of injury. Train the body as a whole not all aloof and separated.

3. Why the days off? This is something that perputates body building forums and is a complete myth. Yes, you need to cycle your training (not pointed out in the program) but in reality you should work out everday and make exercise an intrinsic part of your life. Exercising 5 times a week will drop down to 3 then 2 then 1 (which is the same as giving up).This happens with 99% of people.

4. The routine is based on body building A typical body building lifestyle that generates lots of excess,non functional muscle will ensure a shorter lifespan (excess dead weight in the form of useless muscle is almost as bad for you as carrying excess fat). And you won't be particularly fit and your physical 'strength' will be limited to lifting gym weights and nothing much else in the real world.

5. Long cardio sessions to burn fat (inefficiently as it happens) will stress your immune system, makes you age quicker, and do untold damage to your joints and skeletal system.

6. A regular gymnasium is often more comparable to a cross between a hospital ward and a beauty parlour – hundreds of people trying to fix themselves by making their mirror image look 'better'.

7. There is no skill training in the program. People should train for performance not appearance, which is far more motivating than watching a weight of weighing scale (which does not mean anything by the way)

8. Ideas for skill:- How far can you walk on your hands (can you even do a handstand) , how fast can you climb a 7 metre rope (can you climb a rope at all), can you vault a gate, climb a tree unaided, perform a yoga back dome, how many chin-ups without stopping, can you do an upward circle on a bar, how fast can you run 400 metres, how many double unders in a row with a skipping rope, how many kettlebell snatches in 10 minutes, can you do a perfect Turkish get up. etc etc etc

Is it any wonder we have the health issues we have in our culture? Obesity is becoming the leading cause of death through cancer, diabetes
and heart disease, and our kids are just getting fatter and fatter. And yet what people really want isn't better health, but to look better in

I hope you find this useful and once you relaise these facts you will feel 'zen' like and empowered.

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