4 Days a Week Workout

the first day bench and abs,the second day is rest,the third day shoulder and traps,the fourth day is rest. the fifth day back and legs, the sixth day is rest, the seventh day arms.

What are the Advantages of Taking Adequate Rest in Weight Training

Weight training has many advantages, the development of muscles that are better and healthier than fat, the strengthening of bones, the conditioning of the heart and the lungs and other body organs and a general increased vibrancy and zest for life.
Despite the many good things that regular weight training can give to life, if it is not properly done it may instead be disadvantageous to health in terms of injuries or even having no gains in muscles.

One of the difficulties met by people that are keen on weight training is that they go on training day after day, or week after week without giving their body time to rest. This is because they do not understand the process by which muscles are built up.

Understanding the process of muscle growth in weight training

When you do weight training, what happens to your muscles is that they become destroyed during or dissembled. That is why there is a bulge and pain is felt in the muscles after a serious session. This is a physiological response as the muscle dissolve so that they can in the long run form stronger bonds to overcome the weight that you are now carrying.

Enough time is needed for these connections to be rebuilt and new muscle fibers to be formed. If rest is not taken, the new muscle fibers will not be formed effectively and thus strength and muscle build up will not be achieved to the right level.

Another advantage of rest in weight training is the encouragement of weight gain

Weight training involves some amount of weight gain as muscles are generally heavier than normal body tissues. This weight gain however is in dry weight and opposed to weight gain that occurs when fat is deposited in the body. In fact as you build muscles, it helps to metabolize the fat in the body (aka fat burning).

This occurs because weight training increases the metabolism of the body and this usually goes on for a time after the exercise session. If enough rest is not taken, the body will keep metabolizing food and its stores of food which may make it difficult to build muscle. In extreme cases the muscles themselves may start being used.

How to schedule rest with weight training

Regular rest between exercise days is essential, as well as taking a week or two off to rest after a few months of training. This will ensure that you don’t hit a plateau in your training and that you don’t regress in your muscle gains.

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