20 reasons why your gym instructor is making you fat

by Mike Eves
(Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire. England)

I could probably write over 300 reasons why your gym instructor could be making you fat but here's 20 reasons to look out for, just for starters:-

1. He/she works for a corporate gym
2. He/she takes you around the machines
3. He/she splits up weight training and cardio
4. He/she avoids body weight training
5. He/she says"exercise 3 or 4 times a week"
6. He/she says things like eat a "balanced diet"
7. He/she mentions 'Calories'
8. He/she makes you do a gentle cardio warm up
10.He/she's got you on the treadmill or cross trainer
11.He/she takes your blood pressure and they are not a doctor
12. He/she's got you doing sit ups
13. He/she mentions or tries to sell you supplements
14. He/she makes you do static stretching before exercise
15. He/she recommends 30 minutes of cardio
16. He/she works on individual body parts
17. He/she say do "4 sets of 10"
18. He/she has "personal trainer" written on the back of their sweatshirt
19.He/she has not mentioned nutrition
20.He/she is not in the best shape

Can you add to this list?? (I can)

Some controversial ones here. But it's time to start questioning the whole corporate gym method. People continue with this stuff and never question it because they don't want to feel unknowledgeable.

Most people who go to the gym never reach their goals; The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Train with purpose

Mike Eves

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Oct 08, 2010
nonsense article
by: Anonymous

your article makes no point. it`s as if you were totally against any exercise? why bother to write anything?

Oct 01, 2010
Exercise Goals
by: Dr. J

Mike, you really have a lots of reasons why we do exercise! In my understanding, you have lots of reason because you believe that exercise is really that important to each individual. I agree! We need to have daily exercises to maintain our fit and keep us strong physically. And of course, exercise is to lose fat and keep us in shape. Don't let your gym instructor makes you fat. Thanks for your articles, Mike

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