2 X a Week Full Body Workout by MJP

by Mjp

3x 25 push ups, 3x 15 bench press, 3x 15 arnold dumbbell press, 3x 15 shrugs, 3x to failure pull ups, 3x 15 rows, 3x 15 curls, 3x 15 skullcrushers, 3x 15 squats, 3x 15 weighted crunches, 3x 15 hanging leg raises.

Advantages of Full Body Workout

The full body workout is a workout program that is designed to work the whole body during every exercise session as opposed to split training in which each exercise session targets one or opposing muscle groups. There are many advantages for taking up full body workouts. Before we go into the advantages, it is worthwhile to examine some of the ideas and principles that are incorporated in the full body workout. These are;

Make your exercise period 2 or maximum three days a week
This will enable you to train intensively during your workout period, and also allow you enough time to rest during the week. With the right kind of exercises, you might even go for once a week if you do not have more time to concentrate on training more days a week. Full body workout will permit you to overcome the limitations of time and permit you to develop well even with a limited training time.

Make sure your weights are quite heavy

The weight you carry determines the intensity of the exercises and if you have to develop faster with limited time
you need to increase the weight you are using during each training session.
Use all the body’s Muscles during each session
During each exercise session make sure that you use all the muscle groups by performing at least one exercise for each muscle group.

Following the principle for full body workouts has several advantages. These advantages include;

It is a time saving workout method

Engaging in full body workout enables you to save time on your workout as your exercises sessions are fast and completed in about 1 hour or less, intensive and for the whole body. You may engage in them about once or twice a week and will generate full benefits.

It boosts your overall fitness levels in short time

Full body workouts are intensive and will boost your overall health and fitness levels that can be judged by increasing the activity of your cardiovascular system because you have to move from one exercise to the other. This increased activity also has a good advantage in helping you to burn fat faster and aids quicker weight loss than other workout programs.

You will develop faster as the weights are usually heavier
Full body workouts in principle tend to push you harder by the rapid increases in weights that are employed in the training. Therefore you are more likely to develop muscles faster with this training method than in any other method of training.

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