2 Week/5 Days a Week Workout.

by Nik
(Sh, Qc.)

I based all my exercises from your website i made myself a program choosing 4-5 exercise in all category (Back, Legs, Bicep, Tricep, Etc.) fixing different part of the muscle.I was 137.3lbs and now im 149.8lbs in only 2 weeks....look at me in 3 month ;)


How to Determine Correct Workout Frequency

One of the absolute essentials for anybody that is doing weightlifting is to find out their correct workout frequency that correlates with their goals, the time they have available and the level of their training. A frequency that is well worked out will determine how far you can go in your training and also how effective the training is going to be.

Depending on fitness levels and the engagement in weight training, people can be classified into beginners, intermediate and advanced weightlifters. There are also those whose target for weightlifting is to lose weight, and also those whose particular target is not to build bulging muscles but for overall fitness and body tone. Each of these groups and the determination of their training frequencies can be done as follows;

Determining workout frequency for beginners and intermediate weight training

People that are at this level of fitness should ideally train two times a week. Depending on your schedule, you can place these training days as far apart in the week as possible so as to give you enough time to rest, or following one another and then using the rest of the week to rest and recover.

You could involve yourself with total body workout in each session, or you can concentrate on opposing body parts for an hour or two in each training session. When you are working the different muscles separately, it is useful to work on opposing muscle groups like working on the upper body and on the legs in one day.

Determining workout frequencies for advanced weight training

People that are into advanced training can go all the way and workout daily, concentrating on one or two muscle groups in each session because they need to concentrate on the different muscle groups and do higher intensity workouts to be able to see growth above their current levels. This leaves 2 days to rest for every week that may be interspaced within the other days or taken at the same time.

Determining workout frequencies for weight loss

If you are looking forward to losing weight, chances are you will not want to develop bulging muscles in the process, just to get toned and fit. You can do a low to medium intensity weight lifting once or twice weekly to get your muscles going, and burning excess fat, and then do cardio before the weight training, or do cardio once or twice weekly on different days.

Include a one or two week resting period between overall training schedule

One of the crucial aspects of weight training is the principle of adequate rest between a long period of training to get your body to relax and get ready for the next level. Usually after following the same program for a period of 2 or three months, the body can become exhausted. Making sure to include a week or two of absolute rest can boost your training and make it more effective.


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