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Got Weight Training, Muscle Building and Exercise Goals?

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Guess what is the No. 1 Athletic activity in the World? Its Weight Training to Build Muscle and Lose Weight.

Guess how many people perform weight training exercises correctly? Less than 10%.


More people are doing Effective Weight Training today and reaching their Muscle Building and Weight Loss Goals. And now is your turn. Don't let any more life pass away without results !!!.

Weight Training - The Proven Life Changer

Have you always been skinny? Or always over-weight? Or maybe you just want to be firm. Then weight training is the only solution.

Effective Weight Training builds muscle, fastens metabolism, burns fat  and  is the basis of a strong, firm muscular body. Not to mention the health benefits.

Weight Training is a proven life changer.

How can We help you with Weight Training?

It simply Adds Life to Life.

This is not a website to sell products, supplements or any equipment. We sell information [for free] and there is no price tag for it. Its priceless for us { and for you as you will realize }, as it gives us a unique opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals. It has become an obsession, the purpose of our lives.

Remember its far more easier to learn Correct Weight Training Methods than to unlearn wrong ones. Not to mention the time you will lose if you follow all the advice you get in the gym.



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Vince Delmonte's course is also called "The Skinny Guys secrets to Insane Muscle Mass".


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Weight Training For Men To Build Muscle Now -
Weight Training Tips for Men to 
Build Muscle Mass  and Get Strong.

Weight Training for Women to Get Lean and Strong Now -
Weight Lifting Tips for Women to 
Lose Weight  and Get Toned.




The Best Weight Training Methods - Weight Training Systems All under one roof

  • How to Set a Weight Training Exercise Goal. Most people never do that right!
  • The Most Effective exercises for each muscle group.
  • Best Muscle Building Exercises and Workouts.
  • The value of Aerobics and how to use it as effective fat burner.
  • Exactly how to train for permanent weight loss.
  • Flexible training program for each goal and life style.
  • Tons of sample workouts to keep you excited and pumped.
  • How to motivate yourself to maintain consistent efforts.
  • Reviews of the Best Programs and Exercise Equipments.
  • One of the Biggest Exercise Collection Database to reach any goal you have.
  • And Much much more...
  • In short, tell me your Goal and I will give you the Plan. Period.

    Weight Training for Weight Loss Secrets -
    Discover how to Use Weight Training to Lose Weight and Get Ripped.
    Also reveals  Six Pack Abs Secrets

    Does this sound as if we are promising you a great body in a neat package with a pink ribbon tied around it? You bet we are, only if you make a promise too! and we are willing to make such an unqualified promise because we have seen people change their entire looks when they APPLY these tips we provide. Remember this promise is valid only if you make a promise. That is to USE these tips consistently day in and day out without excuses. And when it comes to Excuses remember...

    Now there is NO excuse to fail.

    Remember Confusion is your only obstacle. With these tips your results will sky rocket. But one caveat though. Even the best plans in the world wont even make good wallpaper if they are not acted upon. I will provide you with all the tools, both Physical and Mental but its up to You to make efforts.

    Remember... Our Exercise Tips + Your Efforts = Body Transformation.

    P.S. - Weight Training is different from Weight Lifting. See Below for details

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    • Eating to Gain Quality Muscle Mass

    • Much much more...




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    Empty Promises or Real Results - Choose One

    If you are looking for some quick fix methods to change your body then I am sorry as you will be sadly disappointed. Quick-fit schemes like quick-rich schemes never work. Put these time-tested Weight Training Exercises tips to work and I promise you the results.

    You have been lied to my friend

    How many times have you tried to getter better body with worthless supplements and exercise machines. Its time to get serious about the way you look. Trust the experts. Weight Training and Aerobics is the real secret to a firm muscular body. There is no other way. Period. Case Closed.

    Again remember the formula for success - My Exercise Tips + Your Efforts = Body Transformation.


    Where do you begin

    You cannot a achieve a target if you have none. Get serious about Weight Training Goal Setting and get on the highway to your dream body.

    No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince Delmonte


    Vince Delmonte's course is also called "The Skinny Guys secrets to Insane Muscle Mass".

    Read a complete review of No Nonsense Muscle Building.

    Pick a goal and run!

    • Want to Build Muscle? Then jump to The Muscle Building Section for the best exercises and diet tips.
    • Want to lose Weight? The jump to the Weight Loss Section for amazing weight loss secrets.
    • Want  a 6 pack stomach or just flatten your abs? Then visit the Abdominal Exercises Section.
    • Want to weight train for sports? Then here are the Weight Training for Sports tips.
    • Or want to improve a specific body part? Then visit the Exercise Database for all exercises by body part.

    Before you start your Weight Training Journey


    1. Make a firm commitment with yourself that you will get started and never give up. There is no point in half hearted attempts. And remember I am only an email away. Ask any help you can through the contact me page.

    2. Test your Body fat, Consult a Physician if you have any illness, diabetes, hypertension or any Heart Illness.

    3. Go to a near by gym and enquire the registration formalities, check the gym equipments and rest areas.

    4. Realize that Weight Training is the best way to change the way you look but it takes time. Not much but at least 2-4 weeks before you see noticeable difference.

    5. Understand that the only difference between you and other who have great physiques you admire is your ability to get started and persist until you achieve your goal.

    I give you with the best Training Secrets but its up to you to put them into action and produce results. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. And share with me the story of your amazing transformation.

    You Start Here...The Basics of Setting an Exercise Goal. Its a must read. Most People have no idea how to set an Exercise Goal, but people do not reach their exercise goals either. Get serious now. Your life is not a rehearsal.

    Important Terms in Fitness Training

    Weight Training - Weight Training Exercises is the use of Resistance Equipment to help stimulate Muscle Growth, increase tone and strength.

    Weight Lifting - is a sport in which the subject's main goal to lift maximum weight for one repetition only. It is synonymous with Olympic Lifting.

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    Workout Routines - Weight Training/Lifting Free Exercise Workouts Plans
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    Top 10 Exercise, Workout and Diet Tips of All Time
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    Weight Training Tips & Stories from our Visitors
    Tell your Weight Training, Muscle Building or Weight Loss story with useful tips and pay back to all those who taught you.
    Muscle Building Tips - How to Build/Gain Muscle Mass Fast
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    Muscle Building Exercises & Weight Lifting Exercises, Workouts, routines tips
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    Best Weight Training Diets | Muscle Building Diets & Nutrition to Build muscle
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    Best Muscle Building Supplements | Weight Training/Lifting Supplements
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    Best Muscle Building Foods - Food to Eat to Build Muscle mass
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    Strength Training Exercises, Workouts & Programs for Men/Women
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    Muscle Building for Teens - Teen Weight Training to Build/Gain Muscle Mass
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    Hardgainers Muscle Mass Gaining Exercises, Workouts, Routines & Diet Tips
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    Fast Weight Loss Tips - Quick Diets/Exercises, Programs & Supplement Reviews
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    Fast Weight Loss Exercises & Tips - Best Cardio/Aerobics Workout & Exercises
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    Fast Weight Loss Diets, Nutrition & Foods to lose Weight Quickly & Easily
    Best Weight Loss Diet and Nutrition Tips to Lose Weight Faster. Weight Loss Foods to Burn even stubborn fat & tone Muscles. Tips on planning Weight Loss Meals.
    Weight Training for Women - Workouts, Exercises & Programs to tone up
    Myths and Facts of Weight Training for Women & how to get started on your Weight Training/Lifting Journey to a lean, firm, athletic, energetic & sexy body. Reviews of the best Programs.
    Bodybuilding Exercises Database, Weight / Muscle Exercises pictures
    Best Weight Training Exercises with pictures in one place. Learn the best Exercises to build Muscle, lose weight and get 6 pack Abdominals.
    Workout Routines - Bodybuilding Free Workout Plans & Exercise Routines
    The Workouts Database provides you sample workouts routines by Body part. Pick a workout and run with it towards your Weight Training Goals now.
    Shoulder Exercises & Workouts - Deltoid Exercises to build wide shoulders
    Looking for the best Shoulder Exercises to widen your shoulders ? Check these amazing Deltoid exercises that will build you so wide, you'll have to turn sideways when you walk through doors.
    Best Chest Exercises - Build Chest Muscle using Free weights and Dumbbells
    Best Chest Exercises and Workouts that build a deep, well shaped chest. Learn how to do Bench press, flys and proven Chest exercises to build a chest you can keep a glass on.
    Best Chest Workouts - Upper and Lower Chest Workout Routines
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    Back exercises / Lats exercises - Build a strong muscular back
    A strong back is the cornerstone to muscle building. Check these best back exercises to build wide lats and a strong back. Back workouts to increase thickness & muscularity will then show for itself.
    Best Arm Exercises & Workouts - Best Bicep and Tricep exercises to bigger arms
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    Bodyweight exercises | Calisthenics exercises & Workouts | Body weight Training
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    Best Dumbbell Exercises & Workouts - Weight Training with Dumbbells
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    Best Core Exercises & Workouts | Core Training for Strength & Stability
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    Best Aerobic Exercises - Best Cardio Exercises and Workouts with examples
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    Stretching Exercises - Exercise Stretches Techniques for Flexibility
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    Senior Fitness Exercises - Exercise For Seniors
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    Kettlebells Training | Kettlebells Exercises, Workouts & Training Routines
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    Isometric Exercises - Isometrics | Isometric Training Tips & Workouts
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    How to get rid of Bad Habits & Health Problems stopping you from Exercising
    Motivated to exercise but bad habits or health issues stopping you? Then lets get rid of common health problems like cold, infections and bad habits like smoking and alcohol to get started on your Fit
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