Lunges for Lean and Small Glutes is a Myth


Do Lunges and Not squats. Wrong !!!

Do lunges help you build smaller, leaner gluteal muscles than squats exercise do. Find out why doing lunges will not help you lose butt weight and get a smaller butt.

There is a growing number of personal trainers who advise lunges to clients who would like smaller butt/glute muscles. The replace squats with lunges from the client's regimen as they believe lunges do not build gluteal muscles like squats do.

They propound the fact that squats maximally stimulate the gluteus maximus muscle, the biggest muscle of the hip/glute area and lunges do not.

This is simply not true.

Squats, lunges, and even deadlifts hit the gluteal muscles hard.

So the only variable remaining that will decide if you will build bigger butt muscles or stronger is the training volume.

The higher the number of sets and moderate reps, the more chances that you will have glute muscle hypertrophy. That is why I have included lunges in the butt muscle building section.

There are better ways to lose bodyfat {provided you have bodyfat and not big muscles to begin with}.

So the next time you hear lunges to get smaller buttocks, beware that you need to keep reps low and sets low to build strength alone.

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