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Holiday fitness challenge: crazy or genius?
November 25, 2011


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Hello Champion,

January may be peak season for weight loss enthusiasm, but it's
not the peak season for weight loss success. Most resolutions
last until about Super Bowl Sunday (if you're lucky).

Some people think he's crazy, but fat loss expert and
natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto says the peak time for
burning fat is over the holidays - across Thanksgiving,
Christmas and New Year's.

Is it crazy... or is it genius?

Tom says, "If you truly want something, why would you
ever wait?"

"Almost everyone waits until New Years to get started
and then it's just a resolution, not a real goal, and
we all know what the failure rate is like for resolutions."

"Some people wait 5, 10, 20 years for the "perfect time"
to get in shape... which never comes at all. They wake up
one day at 50 or 60 or 70, wondering how they lived their
entire lives in a body they didn't love... or even
dealing with preventable illnesses."

"There isn't a peak season for fat loss success - it's
challenging to stay fit all year long - especially if you
don't have a proven plan and a motivation, reward and
accountability system to hold you your plan" he continued.

What is Tom's solution?

First: live by the motto "Do It Now."

Second, to give you everything you need to succeed - all
at the same time - a "perfect storm" for fat loss success

* A proven program
* Motivation
* Rewards
* Accountability
* Group support
* Expert coaching and mentoring

Tom's fat loss program, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, has
been the top online fat loss nutrition plan for almost
10 years, and the origins of the program actually go back
for decades.

The motivation level right now is off the charts because Tom
is issuing his annual "49-day Holiday Fitness challenge":
a 49-day body transformation contest.

You can accept the challenge just for personal motivation or you
can do it for the rewards.

Accountability is built-in because of the weekly progress
charting system and the place to post your results: In Tom's
inner circle support forum.

There, you won't be alone because there are thousands of like-minded
people on the same journey. It's a private support group and
there's no judgement.

And, believe it or not, Tom is there at the inner circle every day
as well, to coach you and answer your questions.

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For even more motivation and more incentive, Tom is also giving
away his entire collection of fat-burning, muscle-feeding recipes
as a bonus for jumping in on this holiday challenge special.

He insists that you do NOT have to deprive yourself over the
holidays. Most people have at least 3-5 special days, parties
or meals during this season ... and with Tom's program, you're
totally allowed to enjoy the holiday food and festivities.

How is that possible?

You may have heard that if your compliance is high 90% of the
time, you can easily work in your favorite foods the other 10% of
the time with no repercussions on your results.

But what if you could enjoy all your food, all the time,
while getting leaner, healthier or more muscular, week-by week?

That's possible too, with Tom's new fat burning, muscle-feeding
recipes book, which is an extra bonus for people to get motivated
and accept the holiday fat loss challenge this week before it
expires on Wednesday the 23rd.

Learn more ===> Holiday Fitness Challenge - 49 Days to new Body

Most people think the timing of this is unconventional, if not
outright crazy. But is it really?

Could it be that waiting "until the time is just right?"...
and making resolutions every January... that never last...
is what's really crazy?

It seems, as it surely did to the thousands and thousands
of others who have accepted the challenge in previous years,
that this is actually not crazy at all, but a brilliant way
for you to get a head start on the new year and come out
of the holidays in better shape than you went in.

If that sounds good, then you can "accept the challenge"
or learn more at Tom's site:

Learn more at ===> Holiday Fitness Challenge - 49 Days to new Body


Mateen Sidd

P.S. The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program has been one of the
best selling fat loss programs online for 10 years, so it's sure
to be around for years to come. But the fat burning recipes book is a limited time
offer that ends this week - be sure to go take a look today:

Holiday Fitness Challenge - 49 Days to new Body

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