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How to Plan Delicious Fat Loss Meals in Less than 3 Minutes with Meal
April 20, 2011

What is the best diet plan?

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and others create Meal Plans for their Clients.


Planning a meal to lose weight can become a real chore.

This is especially true today with so little time to cook nutritious meals.

I never recommend any program to my subscribers without trying it out myself.

Here are the top 3 Meal Planning challenges and How I use Meals Plans 101 to solve them easily.

1. Choosing your own nutrient ratio percentages can be difficult

Since your goal is different from your friend or neighbor you need to adjust your nutrient ratio percentages i terms of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Meal Plans101 helps you select your meal plan regardless of what diet you are on... Zone, Abs, Low Fat, High Protein, etc, etc. It doesn't matter which plan you are on, this software complements it perfectly..

2. Your personal food preference might become a hurdle in planning meals

With  Meal Plans101 you can choose from 13,339 food options to create limitless options for delicious and thoroughly enjoyable meals that you will actually eat!

3. Your caloric intake has to be precise if you want to lose fat or gain lean muscle

Meal Plans101  will pinpoint your exact calorie requirements by entering your specific data (height, weight, gender, etc) and choosing from 94 different exercise categories.

MY VERDICT:  Meal Plans101 includes the best Meal Plans ever and everyone serious about losing weight or gaining lean muscle mass should use it.

Would you like to know why top health and fitness professionals in the world choose meal planning solutions for their clients?

Pros like Dr. John Berardi, creator of Precision Nutrition and author of The Metabolism Advantage, Craig Ballantyne, Men's Fitness columnist and creator of Turbulence Training and literally dozens of other trainers, nutritionists and health educators rave about this meal planning software and depend on it to help their own clients to get better results....


Click here to find how John Berardi, creator Precision Nutrition and others create Meal Plans for their Clients.

Bonuses with Meal Plans101:

Free bonus 1:

Nutrition for Fat Loss e-book by Chris Mohr RD, PhD: In a detailed description this ebook lays out in layman terms exactly how to eat to maximize fat loss.  ($57.95 value)


Free bonus 2:

Bodyfat Calculation Manual: Tracking your progress is crucial to your success. This manual lays out exactly how you can determine your own bodyfat. Bodyfat tracking is essential to greater success. ($29.95 value)


Free bonus 3:

Portion Control Manual: This manual teaches you proper portion sizes and why portions are the key to successful weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. ($39.95 value)




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Happy Eating Team



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